About Parks_Supergenes


PARK_SUPERGENES FANBLOG is an international fanblog  dedicated to the idol siblings who is considered to have superior genes in KPOP industry, Sandara Park of 2NE1 and Park Sanghyun (also known as Thunder) of MBLAQ. 

We give fresh updates about the activities of the Park Siblings, may it be with their group or their solo activities.  We post their solo and group photos,  links for their performances’ videos, give translations of their tweets and mitus, inform fans about their schedule and upcoming activities, and answer questions about them.

We also post updates about their respective groups’ (2NE1 and MBLAQ) activities as a whole.

This fanblog is being maintained and updated everyday by the admins of ParkSiblings, Shey and Nana.

Follow this blog: https://parksiblings.wordpress.com/

We also have our twitter account: @ParkSiblings (twitter.com/ParkSiblings)

And if you want, you can follow the admins personally  on twitter too!^^

For Admin Shey, her account is @iamsheymaldita (twitter.com/iamsheymaldita)

For Admin Nana, her account is @nanaISyeoni (twitter.com/nanaISyeoni)

We also have other admins who help us update in twitter and you can follow them too

Admin Bea, her account is @BeeeestYGfa (twitter.com/BeeeestYGfa)

Thanks for visiting, following, and supporting us!

    • cecil
    • February 16th, 2013

    i love dara since here scq days i’m proud of her xD

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