[TWITTER]Dara’s Friends Greets her a Happy Birthday + Dara Thanks Them



TABLO: Happy Birthday

DARA: Thank you~ Blo oppa~!!! ^.^ Oppa you are so fun hahaha

Untitled Untitled

More greetings after this!! ^^

dara1 dara1 dara2

DARA: thanks ate peachy!!! Next time, we”ll go in ttokbokkyi town! Promise!!!


RYAN: Happy birthday @krungy21 I’m always grateful to you because you’re very kind. Someday, I’ll get back on you (for your kindness) Be happy all the times!


SU HAN: Yup! Noona, happy birthdday!!! And welcome to Instagram!! I’ll give you a gift, one way or another! I really want to, so I’ll prepare one well!!! Follow me back on Instagram too please~! lyricaldrawing

DARA: Thank you!!! ^.^ I’m not familiar with Instagram yet so I’m unable to do anythingㅋㅋ


HYOSUP: I would like to thank you from the very moment that Dara and Chief Sup (T/N: He’s referring to himself, his name is Lee Hyo Sup), I’ve learned a lot from Dara’s good work ethics and warm personality, and I also got to know Dara a lot as well. In the future, quickly overcome any difficulty and find wisdom while doing so! I am continuing to pray that more good things will come your way! Happy birthday

dara1 Untitled dara1dara1

ANA: Happy birthday to the one and only ‘Pambansang krungkrung’!!! I miss you! Beso beso (a gesture of cheeks to cheeks)!!! You’re also a grandma???

DARA: thanks ati bananana! I miss krungerz!!!

dara4 Untitled

KKKKK this is soooo cute! Jollibee greeted Dara and our forever cutie and loyal jollibee fan unnie is so happy! kkkkkk

Untitled UntitledUntitledUntitled

LYDIA: Happy birthday unnie!!!


UntitledUntitled Untitled

extra!! Ben oppa is so cute too kkkkk



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Translations via: @kristinekwak; OhDara; Nana

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