[VIDEO]131111 Thunder’s Message to A+s for 2013 MBLAQ ‘Sensation Global Tour’ in Seoul

ahhhh oppa is so cute~~~ I hope you’ll have fun at your upcoming concert!!! \(^^)/


Yes, hello! MBLAQ’s Cheondung is here~ Uh, it’s been a long time since we last talked!

I must talked about our concert! Our most recent concert… the very first and second day were so memorable. So memorable, that I even remember how amazing it felt performing for you guys. I think throughout my life, out of the most charismatic/awesome concerts I have ever done, that concert is definitely one of them.

At that concert, I think our opening song was ‘Run’. When we first appeared on stage, I still vividly remember how exciting it felt… So I hope that at this concert as well, starting from the opening song, it will be just as exciting and fun! I hope many of you will come, we have prepared so much for you all~ Fighting!

Source: jtunecamp

Translated by: HannahAplus

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