[TWITTER]Dara – “It’s a sad memory for me kk but Chaerin’s favorite photo”

Awwww, Dara unnie being so thoughtful of thinking of Chaein unnie’s happiness *sniffs*



I’m looking for a picture. Do you know that scene from Go Away where i was wearing sunglasses and drunk beer? ㅋㅋ I want to find that picture. I uploaded a picture that time too right? That was way back then so i think its on my old phone ㅠㅠ

WOW~So fast!!! Found the pic!!! Thanks^.^ It’s a sad memory for me kk but Chaerin’s favorite pic kk I was the god of death and I had to calm sad CL down but I looked so funny..so I laughed so much! 

It was a sad scene but Chaerin kept laughing so we couldn’t concentrate but it was a fun memory kk After that, after any sad things, she says that she remembers this pic. Everyone please send this pic to Chaerin a lot of time~ A pic that makes her laugh kk


Then dara unnie replied to a fan…


Chaerin is not sad now. She’s laughing so much right now kkk thinking of the memories kk

Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @sumiinkim @ilove2ne1girls

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