[VIDEO]131026 Dara Featured in ‘Eskwelahan ni Ryan Bang’

Dara unnie’s tagalog is sooooo cute ;A;


(it’s more of a gist; I’m actually having a hard time understanding Ryan Bang ^^ sometimes he talks so fast; and sorry for the messy tanslations)

Ryan: In Korea, of course, the one you want to meet most is Sandara Park. I’m with her now!! *claps*

DARA: I’m Sandara *waves*Welcome to Korea

RYAN: How are you, Sandara? You’re so popular in here. Everyone was shocked, I thought there’s a war in here. Ohmy, everyone was panicking. I thought they want to have a picture with me, but no, they want Sandara. They don’t care about me. ‘Move move move’

Sandara is really love by Pinoys (another term for Filipinos) (then he talk about how he’s loved the most by Koreans XD) When it comes to girls, it’s Sandara Park. (I think he meant that he’s the most loved Korean guy while it’s Dara as the most loved Korean girl ^^)

DARA: oh really?

RYAN: Up until now, when I’m having a show, I dance “In or out; Am I in or out?” Everyone was still screaming. *claps* Until now, they can still remember Sandara Park. Sandara Park, she’s the most beautiful ‘Park’ in the Philippines (he’s starting to make a joke already which is really corny in my opinion XD) ..Park, Luneta Park, ah sorry sorry sorry. Please edit this out… What do you miss the most in the Philippines? 

DARA: I miss my friends

RYAN: Your friends? Who are your bestfriends in there?

DARA: There’s a lot of them… I miss all of my ‘Kapamilya’ (this is what they call the avid supporters of their station) … I miss Sinigang.

RYAN: You want sinigang? Go to the Philippines *Dara laughs* We’ll choose the most delicious Sinigang but you’re paying for it *Dara laughs again* But Sandara is really famous for ‘In Or Out’. Everyone know it, jeepney drivers know it, even Ma’am Charo (Ma’am Charo is the head of ABS-CBN, their station)It’s really good, even Mr. Gary Lopez… (basically he’s just saying that In or Out is really popular. Even high-profile people knew about it) Can we perform it even a little bit?

DARA: Okay, let’s do it together *sang In or Out*

RYAN: Dara is really, … (he’s still forming some words to say something about Dara when Dara suddenly butts in with 

DARA: I’m hungry 

RYAN: why is it Krungkrung?

DARA: uhm, cute, unique and crazy.. I’m hungry (Ryan’s talking again but Dara said she’s hungry again kkkkk)

DIRECTOR’s VOICE: She’s been eyeing the foods since earlier

Then they ate, took photos, dance and said their goodbyes ^^

Source: samecut123jez via @ForeverWithDara

Translated by: Nana@Parksupergenes/ParkSIblings

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