[LINE]A middle-grade singer Dara – “I met young friends today but…”

OMG this is so funny kkkkkkkk DAra unnie so cute hahahaha


[A middle-grade singer Dara] I met young friends today but… It seems like they don’t know who I am!!! What’s my name ㅠ So I said “Dara.. You don’t know 2NE1?” I asked if they know any of our songs but they don’t know too ㅠ Then I asked “Do you know I Am The Best?” And I think they don’t know as well ㅋㅋㅋ But when they saw Minzy “That unnie was on Running Man right!” I was on the show too but I guess they don’t know? When they didn’t know.. “That person with the antenna wifi hair!” And then they said “Ah~” High school students know me but elementary students….hmmm… We have to work harder!!! The kids know Akdong Musician but they don’t know us.. Barabbam! I thought I was popular among young kids but it’s not the case!! The kids spoke and played comfortably with me because they saw me being the same age as them ㅋㅋㅋ The kids must have got a shock when they knew my age? Age is just a number but anyway I will work hard! Cut me some slack! +.+


Here’s the english version ^^


Source: 2NE1 Line Account

Translated by: @21TASTICBABY

Re-uploaded by: Nana@Parksupergenes/ParkSiblings

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