[TWITTER]Dara – “I did go for Actor is Actor premiere..I just saw the ending”

LMAO XD Dara unnie was only able to watch the end. kkkkkkk oh well, you could still watch it next time ^^  waaaa, she commended Joonie ^^


I did go for Actor is Actor premiere..! But I had to go in hurry cause I just finished the schedule.. and the movie ended in 10 minutes TT^^huhu..I should go watch it when it’s on the cinema! I’m so curious about to plot because I just saw the ending..

I was actually very excited to see the movie with Cheondung.. but I heard that the movie was 19+ and was very erotic.. so i quietly requested.. to get a far place from Cheondung kk although I could only watch the last part but Lee Joon-shi is so passionate^^ clapclap

I’ll tell you all how it is after watching the whole movie~^^ Director ShinYeonSik fighting! Lee Joon fighting!! Oh.. there’s ssan actress here~ if you need an actress.. in the next movie^^ hwiririk (disappears) kkk

Source:  @krungy21

Translated by: @sumiinkim

Re-uploaded by: Nana@Parksupergenes/Parksiblings

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