[TWITTER]Dara – “I did go for Actor is Actor premiere..I just saw the ending”

LMAO 😄 Dara unnie was only able to watch the end. kkkkkkk oh well, you could still watch it next time ^^  waaaa, she commended Joonie ^^


I did go for Actor is Actor premiere..! But I had to go in hurry cause I just finished the schedule.. and the movie ended in 10 minutes TT^^huhu..I should go watch it when it’s on the cinema! I’m so curious about to plot because I just saw the ending..

I was actually very excited to see the movie with Cheondung.. but I heard that the movie was 19+ and was very erotic.. so i quietly requested.. to get a far place from Cheondung kk although I could only watch the last part but Lee Joon-shi is so passionate^^ clapclap

I’ll tell you all how it is after watching the whole movie~^^ Director ShinYeonSik fighting! Lee Joon fighting!! Oh.. there’s ssan actress here~ if you need an actress.. in the next movie^^ hwiririk (disappears) kkk

Source:  @krungy21

Translated by: @sumiinkim

Re-uploaded by: Nana@Parksupergenes/Parksiblings

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