[TWITTER]Dara – “I’ll tell you some news about Dadoong’s sister~… Bambi”

aww, it’s good to know that Dadoongie’s little sister is getting better! And oh oh, her name is Bambi!!! Kawaii~ and it’s nice that Dadoongie is getting along with her. Can’t wait for a selca of dadoongie and bambi!! and of course with Dara unnie and Cheondung oppa~


I’ll tell you some news about Dadoong’s sister~ now she’s eating so well in the house and plays too,her fur has grown a lot after I cut! And is growing prettily ^_^ the name! Is Bambi~ u know Bambi in Disney? When i first brought her

The baby was so thin but her arms and legs were very very long. She looked like Bambi, so as she grows,hoping she would be pretty like Bambi~ and hoping she would grow with much love, Ppak! Now she’s getting some fat n getting healthier!

Cheondung did some research and found out that Bambi is ‘코숏’ (type of cat)~ Bambi is still nervous so I won’t be taking pictures till she relaxes TT I really want to hug, touch and take photos~ but I’m still waiting since she’s still on the level of getting used to this situation. And dadoong oppa keke

seems like amazed and happy to see a younger sister, as he shares his things and is a good brother. But sometimes do get angry and gets angry, both of them panting keke so cute!! I hope both of them gets used to the atmosphere and become a happy family ^.^

Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @sumiinkim

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