[NEWS] CL’s missing watch..Sandara Park “She is very upset”



On 14th Sandara Park tweeted “Chaerin lost her watch. She always wore the ROSEGOLD watch. She is very upset. Seems like she lost it around Tokyo concert. How can she find her watch? Please translate this in Japanese as well.” with a picture attached.


In the picture CL is covering her face with her hands as if she is devastated.


Followed by a picture of Sandara Park’s comic pose with CL she said “It is a meaningful watch to her. Thats why she valued it so much. I guess we lost our minds in sadness..Still cute! Lets go for a second fan meeting!”


Netizen responded “Hope she finds her watch!”, “Wish CL finds her watch soon.”, “How valuable was the watch. She seems so sad.” and so on.



Source: Naver Star

Re-uploaded by: iamsheymaldita@Parksupergenes/ParkSiblings

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