[ARTICLE]MBLAQ celebrated their 4th anniversary + announced upcoming Seoul concert this November


MBLAQ celebrated their 4th anniversary on October 15 and announced their upcoming concert in Seoul!

Seung Ho thanked his A+ on Twitter, “It is finally MBLAQ’s 4th anniversary nyahahaha. I thank A+ who have always been by our side up until now. I will grow older with a better image, and let’s continue to see each other until I become a grandpa hehe Good night♥.”

G.O. tweeted, “MBLAQ’s 4th anniversary! I sincerely thank you A+ who never fail to pour out their love through the rain or snow! I love you♥.” Mir also tweeted, “It’s MBLAQ’s 4th anniversary~ Thank you A+ who have been our shield for the past four years~!!! You’ve been with us for four years, so it seems you’ll have to continue to stick with us in the future.. Thank you~+_+!!!!!!!!!!!”

J.Tune Camp further revealed a special anniversary gift, “MBLAQ’s 2013 global tour concert, ‘Sensation‘, which was held in Mexico and Japan will now be held in Seoul on November 23… It will be a sensational concert with flashy performances and special effects, and it will showcase new sides of the members.”

Happy Anniversary, MBLAQ!

Source:  Allkpop

Re-uploaded by: Nana@Parksupergenes/ParkSIblings

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