[ARTICLE] Fans Speculate On 2NE1 Comeback After Instagram Photo


Fans Speculate On 2NE1 Comeback After Instagram Photo: Performs At Adidas Original Hong Kong As ‘Falling In Love’ And ‘Do You Love Me’ Continue To Chart



As we await another 2NE1 comeback after a silent September, their latest activities for Adidas coupled with Instagram photos are certainly hyping fans up for their upcoming new album.

Most recently, 2NE1 has been busy promoting for Adidas Original in Hong Kong, and their slew of stylish and eye-catching Adidas outfits have been keeping fans very happy.


One particular photo that is catching everyone’s eye is a group photo of 2NE1 posted on CL’s Instagram page, showcasing fierce looks and poses from CL, Minzy, Dara, and Bom.


Fans are hoping that this photo is a subtle hint at the groups promised new album and single, which is supposed to release this month.

In other news, 2NE1 singles “Falling in Love” and “Do You Love Me” continue to chart despite being released in July and August, respectively.

“‘Falling in Love’ was released 3 months ago and has 73,144,435 DAs, it fell out of the Top 100 just this week. Their first single as a group in 2013 also has 19,042,152 streams and is still gaining over half a million per week. 863,620 downloads have been recorded of the song on GAON. The song was also popular with overseas fans on iTunes, but those sales aren’t reflected on GAON,” reports YG Ladies.

“‘Do You Love Me’, on the other hand, has been out 2 months and has 41,952,282 DAs overall. It has been streamed 12,375,736 times and downloaded 594,420 times in Korea. It ranked at #88 on Billboard’s Kpop Hot 100 this week.”

Fans are hoping that 2NE1 is attempting to build anticipating for their comeback album for this month.

Source: Kpopstarz
Re-uploaded by: iamsheymaldita@Parksupergenes/ParkSiblings
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