[NOTICE]Parksupergenes Fanblog will be on Hiatus

I’m sorry to announce that Parksupergenes Fanblog will be on hiatus until further notice. It is hard maintaining both this fanblog and the twitter account (@ParkSiblings) since there’s only one person manning it now. I’m also busier now so I had no much time to update this. I’m still looking for admins so if you want to volunteer, don’t hesitate to mention me in @ParkSiblings ^^ Until I find new admins, this fanblog will be on hiatus~


However, I’ll continue to update about Dara and Thunder using @Parksiblings twitter account, spreading Park Siblings’ love! \(*O*)/


Thank you for your understanding! And thank you for all your support up until now! Ppyong~!! (^^)/

-admin Nana (____)

Park twinss


[VIDEO]131118 SsangPark’s Urgent Press Conference

OMG this is one of the funniest press con I’ve ever seen! Hahahaha and omo, the tease of their new song, “Miss You”, is really nice! I can’t wait for Nov 21, 12am KST to come ^^ Ah and they’ll be having Asian Tour too starting march 2014! 

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[TWITTER]Dara to Hwangssabu – “I finished loneliness of self-discipline…without being lonely”

kkkkk Dara unnie subtly showing her support for Taeyang’s Ringa Linga! Our ever supportive unnie~


DARA: I finished loneliness of self-discipline while watching a cool stage without being lonely.


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls

[FANCAMS]131116 Thunder Performs ‘Don’t Go’ and 2NE1’s ‘I Am The Best’ at MBLAQ 2013 Sensation Concert Tour in Taiwan

Doongdara ft. Joon appeared again! ^^ LMAO XD Doong was so cute when he pushed Joon away using his butt kkkk And aaaaaahhhhhh, Doong’s Don’t Go perf was always >/////< and his twirl at the end!! OMG~~~~

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[FANTAKEN]131116 Thunder at MBLAQ’s Sensation Concert Tour in Taiwan

thunder2 thunder3thunder3 thunder3 thunder4

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[FANTAKEN]131116 MBLAQ’s Sensation Concert Tour in Taiwan

mblaq1 mblaq2 mblaq3 mblaq4

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[PHOTOS]Dara Shares Some Photos in Instagram

Is Dara unnie testing the effects??? kkkkkk I wonder why…. hmmmm???

Untitled Untitled


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[VIDEO]131116 MBLAQ’s Interview with Apple Daily

Source: absolutemblaq1015 via AbsoluteMBLAQ.net

[FANTAKEN]131116 Cheondung at Taiwan Palaisdechine Hotel


Source: @Holingsh